Lathrop Engineering: Abbott/DARPA
Portable Diagnostic Devices for Pathogens

TCS Digital Reimagination:
VR/ML/Blockchain Demos for Fortune 100 Companies

When the HTC Vive came out in early 2016, I rebuilt the Digital Reimagination Studio office in Unreal Engine for a basic VR experience since we had a bit of downtime. 

The silly video below shows a virtual basketball hoop in the middle of the office. Notice when it goes inside, the led strip behind me turns on. Woohoo!

It was pretty easy to do with a plugin for UE4 and the Philips Hue API - no rocket science here. But maybe there could be applications where VR might be the best way to remotely control IoT devices or teleoperate objects. 

This would become one of the side attractions when VIP's from Fortune 100 companies came to visit us. For many of them, this was their first VR experience!

Lathrop Engineering is a small but established R&D consulting firm in San Jose focused on medical/diagnostic devices. Of the 4-5 projects that I worked on, two of the projects were for the military, one was a collaboration with Abbott/DARPA. The other had a requirement of being able to operate in zero orbit!

Part of the research/development was to map out the workflow and tasks in the use of this portable diagnostic device for testing of pathogens/bio-weapons. The device could do 10 assays simultaneously and the results were instant. Transporting these samples contained in the device back to a BSL 4 lab and documenting the trail of evidence was the other important part of the workflow.

During this project I wondered, why aren't we using drones/robots for this already?